There is an admiration for crisis and hostage negotiators. You've seen them save the day in movies, but how does the idea of mediation and crisis negotiation impact an everyday company that is unmarred by headlines and movie plots? A few examples of how we've helped organizations and individuals succeed using skillsets with a higher than average success rate.

  • In a politically charged campaign, we impacted 100,000 people, and ultimately a couple million by narrowing the priorities and crafting talking points. This approach garnered consistent front page media coverage and financially impacted the outcome and individuals.
  • We guided favorable outcomes, and overwhelming reviews, in hundreds of mediated cases involving B2B, B2C, P2P, corporations, non-profits, evictions, post divorce, and criminal impasses.
  • Preserved life and family in dozens of suicide and high conflict situations.
  • Lowered costs, sometimes by millions, through training programs that combine mediation and crisis negotiations. The programs focus on before and after extreme challenges.
  • Through a conflict assessment, a company implemented a human capital investment program. The company moved from red to black in a four month period by improving performance and workplace culture.
  • Negotiated a corporate contract that resulted in 100 percent ownership and concessions by the opposing company.
  • To increase affinity and effect tens of thousands of families, community wide, good-will programs were successfully launched. Targeted collaborations brought together families, influencers, cities, civic groups, and state agencies.