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Companies don't realize how much a conflict specialist can do for them! It's nothing like the common titles that slide up to conference tables. Titles like change management, organizational development, or marketing are all worthy of space for sure, but conflict specialists are cued to look at core conflicts.

For example, one project found a company employee had made a comment that was statistically true, but offended the community to the point of financial retaliation and lost political support. Some might call on a public relation specialist, and that could work. History has shown it to work in going directly at the problem.

Instead of attacking an image makeover with well worded campaigns, imagine hiring a conflict specialist (or team)? That group is tasked to rebuild the program from the inside out. This view will be less bias and look at how the issues might be correct in spite of accuracy. With that kind of knowledge, a company would not only be able to turn something around, but impact an internal belief system. The company would see why offenses unknowingly happen, and by learning its lessons, could see cultural simulation that ultimately changes performance.

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