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What We Do

Combining the skills of crisis negotiations and the finesse of mediation, two skillsets with decisive success rates, we provide high quality mediation services to some of the highest profile organizations and individuals.

How Business Leaders Create Firestorms Without Meaning To



I never thought the business owner would be willing to compensate us, but then he offered more than we asked!! How does that happen? You provided the place and environment to make a bad situation turn into something positive! Thank you, and our new baby thanks you.

Chris & Abby W. Customers

You were able to do what no one else has! If you taught classes I would definitely take a class from you!

Jason B. Attorney

Man, can I take you home with me!? I cannot believe we were able to get that worked out! You saved us so much and we gained a customer back! Thank you, thank you so much for the help.

Joseph C. Bus Owner